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Hitchcock Film Noir Classics & Brown Bag Luncheon  

  • January 6 - Suspicion (1941) Director Hitchcock’s Oscar-winning thriller about a wealthy wallflower (Joan Fontaine) who suspects her penniless playboy husband (Cary Grant) of trying to murder her.
  • January 13 - Rebecca (1940) Romance becomes psychodrama as Joan Fontaine stars as a young woman who believes she has found her heart's desire when she marries the dashing aristocratic widower Maxim de Winter played by Laurence Olivier. But upon moving to her groom’s ancestral mansion she soon learns that his deceased wife haunts not only the home but the temperamental, brooding Maxim as well.
  • January 20 - Notorious (1946)  Ingrid Bergman stars as Alicia, an alluring woman of ill repute recruited by Devlin (Cary Grant), a suave but mysterious intelligence agent, to spy for the U.S. Only after she has fallen for Devlin does she learn that her mission is to seduce a Nazi industrialist (Claude Rains) hiding out in South America.
  • January 27 - Shadow of a Doubt (1943) This is said to be Hitchcock’s personal favorite of all his films. A teenage girl (Teresa Wright), is overjoyed when her favorite uncle (Joseph Cotton) comes to visit the family.  Slowly she begins to suspect that he is in fact the “Merry Widow” killer sought by the authorities.

“They Fell in Love Making the Movie” Brown Bag Lunch & Trivia 

  • February 3 - Possessed (1931)  An ambitious factory girl (Joan Crawford) meets a handsome, wealthy lawyer (Clark Gable), but he wants her for a mistress, not a wife. These two stars fell hard for each other during filming and embarked on the affair that “nearly burnt down Hollywood.” The affair lasted on and off for the next thirty years. Join us to witness the smoldering chemistry clearly flying off the screen!   
  • February 10 - To Have & Have Not (1944) During World War ll, American expatriate (Humphrey Bogart) helps transport a French Resistance leader and his beautiful wife while romancing a sensuous lounge singer (Lauren Bacall). Bogart and Bacall fell in love during production. The director Howard Hawks afterward said this it was actually Bacall’s character, Slim, that Bogart had fallen for, “so she had to keep playing it the rest of her life.

Pre-Code Classics & Brown Bag Luncheon  

  • March 3 - Night Nurse (1931) Barbara Stanwyck stars as a nurse who uncovers a plot hatched by the chauffeur (Clark Gable) and the family doctor to starve her two patients in order to steal their trust funds. With the help, Lora manages to save the girls.
  • March 17 - The Red-Headed Woman (1932) Lillian (Jean Harlow), a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, knows exactly what she wants & how to get it. Using her considerable physical charms, Lillian lets few obstacles stand in her way for long. 
  • March 24 - A Free Soul (1931) A successful lawyer with a taste for alcohol (Lionel Barrymore) tries to break up the relationship between his free spirited daughter (Norma Shearer) and the gangster (Clark Gable in his break out role) who he helped acquit.
  • March 31 - Baby Face (1932) Arriving by boxcar in NYC, Lily Powers (Barbara Stanwyck) begins to methodically canoodle her way to the top floors of power in a great bank. Baby Face is a prime example of pre-Code naughtiness. And precisely the kind of film which the Production Code in 1934 was meant to eliminate. 

 Jane Austen at the Movies, Trivia & Brown Bag Lunches

  • April 14 - Pride & Prejudice (2005) When Elizabeth Bennett (Knightley) meets the handsome Mr. Darcy. She believes he is the last man on earth she could ever marry. But as their lives become intertwined in an unexpected adventure, she finds herself captivated by the very person she swore to loathe for all eternity.
  • April 21 - Sense & Sensibility(1999)  The tale of the Dashwood sisters, sensible Elinor (Emma Thompson) and passionate Marianne (Kate Winslet), whose chances at marriage seem doomed by their family's sudden loss of fortune.
  • April 28 - Emma (2020) In this glittering satire of social class and the pain of growing up, Emma must adventure through misguided matches and romantic missteps to find the love that has been there all along.

Brownbag Lunch & Movies About Mothers 

  • May 12 - Ordinary People (1980)- Ordinary People features Mary Tyler Moore as Beth, the mother of Buck and Conrad (Timothy Hutton), and the wife of Calvin (Donald Sutherland). Beth is simultaneously grieving the sudden loss of her oldest child Buck, and struggling with the attempted suicide of Conrad, while attempting to maintain her marriage, and her sense of identity as a suburban socialite.
  • May 19 - Postcards From the Edge (1990) – Fresh out of rehab, a troubled actress (Meryl Streep) must stay with her mother, movie-star and champion drinker herself Mother (Shirley MacLaine) has agreed to supervise her for the duration of her next movie shoot. Forced together, the two begin to repair their fractured relationship. 
  • May 26 - Places in the Heart (1984) In 1935 rural Texas, recently widowed Edna Spaulding (Sally Field) struggles to survive with two small children, a small farm to run and very little money in the bank. All she has is the help of a blind boarder (John Malkovich) and an itinerant black handyman (Danny Glover). 

Make Room for Daddy Brownbag Lunch, Movie & Trivia

  • June 9 - Life With Father (1947) – Father (William Powell) & his wife (Irene Dunne) face a series of calamities, some serious and others ridiculous, brought on by one of their four rambunctious red-haired sons. Enter sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Taylor, and events are put into motion which threaten to turn Powell's neatly-ordered world as a father upside down.
  • June 16 - Father of the Bride (1950) - A hilarious look at family chaos when an exasperated banker (Spencer Tracy) has misgivings about his daughter's (Elizabeth Taylor) engagement.
  • June 23 - Kramer Vs. Kramer (1979) Dustin Hoffman plays Ted Kramer, who is told by his wife, Joanna (Meryl Streep), that she is leaving him and their son to find herself. Just as Ted begins to feel fulfilled as a parent, Joanna shows up demanding custody of the boy.
  • June 30 - Parenthood (1989) A tale of an extended family: their fears, dreams, fights, and that kid who likes to put a bucket on his head and ram the walls.