Special Event: The Dr. Magical Balloons Fantastic Phantasmogorical Fun Time Balloon Show

Did you know that the first balloon was made by Professor Michael Faraday (same person who invented the Faraday Cage)  in 1824?  He was experimenting with hydrogen, and made balloons by cutting rubber into circles and pressing the edges together.  He used flour in the middle so the center would not stick together. 

Balloons were not manufactured and sold to the public as toys until 1825.  Once balloons became popular, the formula for toy balloons changed, and were sold in different shapes and colors to make customers happy.

Another neat thing to know about balloons:  did you know when a balloon pops-it actually creates a sonic boom? 

When a balloon is full and a hole is made, air rushes through so fast that the opening grows almost as fast as the speed of sound. The force of the air pushing through the opening actually breaks the sound barrier, and creates a small sonic boom. For more info on this phenomenon click here.

If you like balloons, and want to have some fun, visit the HOMEWOOD LIBRARY to see THE DR. MAGICAL BALLONS FANTASTIC PHANTASMOLOGICAL FUN TIME BALLOON SHOW - TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014 from 4:00 pm - 5:00pm.