Book Talk & Book Signing with Author Wendy Reed - "An Accidental Memoir"

09/12/2013 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

In 1996, Wendy Reed’s SUV hydroplaned off I-65 at mile, striking an oncoming car. The author and her child were uninjured, but the accident claimed the life of the other driver, a 34 year-old African American woman. Her death resulted in a protracted legal case, charges of racial inequity in insurance settlements, familial and economic stress, and lingering guilt. The immediacy with which Reed details these consequences is arresting; in her need to define, for her own sake, the thin line between culpability and chance occurrence, she gives voice to often conflicting emotions binding us in the moral knot of blameless tragedies.  Memoirs address all kinds of scars, but few so real as this. Wendy Reed writes chillingly about how fast life can change, and end, on a piece of asphalt. Books will be available for purchase.  Program in the large auditorium.