Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

They found Avery, covered in blood, by the bodies of her parents. She was trying to put them back together. Avery herself can’t remember anything that happened after dinner. Just blood. And silver. And something that moved inhumanly fast. The police are baffled. Who in the small town of Westlake could – would - do that to two people. Avery’s parent’s were liked, even though they lived in the woods and kept to themselves. Everyone has always said the woods were home to strange half-human creatures in their deepest, most unreachable heart. Could the woods be holding other secrets, too? Secrets that came from the woods and murdered Avery’s parents? 

Low Red Moon is a very well-written and enjoyable read. There’s mystery and romance in the story, and just when you start to think the ending is predictable and obvious, Devlin throws in a plot twist. I sincerely hope there’s a sequel planned.

~Ms. Heather