Murder She Wrote: Domestic Malice by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Cabot Cove, Maine has a shelter for women and children who are abused and Jessica volunteers there to help out her community. When Myriam Wolcott came to the shelter's office after being beaten, Jessica and Edwina became aware of a bad situation among their friends. Then Myriam's husband was killed. Of course, the first person the police suspected was the wife and an abused wife, at that. Jessica has a reputation in Cabot Cove not just for being an author of mysteries but also for helping to solve crimes. This time she did not want to involve herself in the investigation but as things proceeded she just couldn't help herself. Did Myriam really kill her husband or was it someone who had been conned by Josh Wolcott? Why wasn't the police investigation including that angle? Jessica just thought if the police won't check on it then a concerned citizen should. During this time there was much debate about the financial support given by the city for the women's shelter. In response to the opposition the supporters quote lots of statistics about abuse. Like other Murder She Wrote stories, Jessica is the main character and there are surprises for the readers.

Check out this title and find out what skeletons are uncovered in Cabot Cove.

~Beth H.