Review: Whispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling

In Valley of Dreams, the first book in the Wild West Wind series, Cassie Lockwood and her friends found themselves without home and job.  After their journey to the valley of her father's dream, they arrived in a welcoming place.  Or so they thought.  In this second book of the series they found people who were not accepting of anyone different from themselves.  This new life involves learning many new tasks and ways of doing, thinking and believing.  How will bigotry and prejudice make this more difficult?  Is it a good place for all of them or should they move on?  Cassie and the others must decide what they really want and act on that decision. 

I enjoyed reading about the preparations made in preserving food for the oncoming winter.  No grocery stores like we have today.  The mixture of old and new life is an ongoing process for all of them.

Read this series and see how Cassie deals with what life has dealt her. Find Whispers in the Wind in the catalog and also Valley of Dreams.

~Beth H.