International Candy Taste Test

Yesterday our Animanga Club taste tested candies from four different countries. We judged each one by whether the color, texture and taste were pleasing or unnerving or just plain Ick. Each candy was rated in each category from 1 to 5.

1 = the worst!

2 = strange and barely edible

3 = it was okay

4 = I liked it

5 = I loved it!

We had eight judges who were willing to share their scores. The results were tabulated and divided by eight to get the average. Here are the results:

Pastillines are a bead-sized hard candy from France. The package we judged had lemon, orange and raspberry flavored pieces.

Color: 4.375

Texture: 3.25

Taste: 3.63

Overall Score: 8.25


Next up was Taveners Liquorice Allsorts from England. It was a variety pack of black licorice with other candy flavorings/toppings.

Color: 2.25

Texture: 2.0

Taste: 1.13

Overall Score: 5.38


Traum Wolkies Marshmallow Clouds are from Germany. They're semi-soft and shaped like...clouds.

Color: 3.38

Texture: 3.63

Taste: 3.75

Overall Score: 10.75 (though I think most anything would get a good score after the Allsorts!)



Ginger Chews are from Indonesia. The taffy-like candies are coated with powdered sugar and individually wrapped.

Color: 2.63

Texture: 2.13

Taste: 2.38

Overall Score: 7.13



At this point our judges dropped to seven.


Botan Rice Candy is from Japan. Each package contains 6 individually wrapped candies and a crazy sticker. The candies are double wrapped - the usual sort of cellophane wrapper outside and rice paper inside. The inside wrapper is edible!

Color: 4.0     Texture: 2.71     Taste: 3.86     Overall Score: 10.57


Finally we had Hello Kitty candy from Japan. Also individually wrapped, these assorted candies were shaped like little flowers.

Color: 4.71

Texture: 4.29

Taste: 4.79

Overall Score: 13.79


Hello Kitty is clearly the favorite! If you want to try these candies for yourself check out World Market - they have a great selection!