New Teen Fiction!

Check out some of our new Teen fiction featuring magic & the supernatural!

Familiars by Adam Epstein

When a scrappy alley cat named Aldwyn passes himself off as a magical animal companion to Jack, a young wizard in training, Aldwyn and his fellow "familiars," a know-it-all blue jay and bumbling tree frog, must save the kingdom after the evil queen of Vastia kidnaps Jack and two other wizards.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan

When 16-year-old Jacinda, who can change into a dragon, is forced to move away from her community of shapeshifters and start a more normal life, she falls in love with a boy who proves to be her most dangerous enemy.

House of Dead Maids by Clare B. Dunkle

Tabby Aykroyd is taken from an orphanage to a ghost-filled house, where she and a wild young boy are needed for a pagan ritual.

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin

Seventeen-year-old Avery can remember nothing to explain her parents' violent death in the woods where they live, but after meeting Ben, a mysterious new neighbor, she begins to believe some of the stories she has heard about creatures of the forest.

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

When a dark prophecy begins to come true, sixteen-year-old Evie of the International Paranormal Containment Agency must not only try to stop it, she must also uncover its connection to herself and the alluring shapeshifter, Lend.

Reckless by Cornelia Funke

Jacob and Will Reckless have looked out for each other ever since their father disappeared, but when Jacob discovers a magical mirror that transports him to a warring world populated by witches, giants, and ogres, he keeps it to himself until Will follows him one day, with dire consequences.

Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball by Risa Green

When Erin Channing's favorite aunt dies, she inherits a pink crystal ball and a set of weird instructions. Soon Erin and her friends are convinced that the crystal ball holds the key to their future, or at least the key to getting dates.

Witch of Artemis by Yui Hara

Before his death, Kazuki's father told many stories about Artemis, a magical star not unlike their own, Planeto. Now an orphan living with his brother, Kazuki daydreams constantly about Artemis, despite his brother's warnings that the planet doesn't actually exist. Then one day, Kazuki runs into a girl from Artemis...who disappears and is quickly replaced by another girl...who puts a curse on him that he can't remove unless he finds the witch of Artemis...who happens to be the first girl he saw! But when he finds her, he discovers she's much more than just your typical sorceress.