Clementine, Friend of the Week by Sara Pennypacker

     The fourth installment in Sara Pennypacker’s Clementine series has arrived at HPL Children’s Department. Clementine, Friend of the Week follows Clementine’s quest for her classmates’ friendship as she completes her turn as Friend of the Week. Friend of the Week is a big deal to Clementine! Not only does she get to be the line leader, but she is also in charge of collecting the lunch money and feeding the fish. Best of all though, she gets a Friend of the Week booklet, where all of her classmates will write great things about Clementine! Her friend Margaret suggests that she start giving her classmates compliments so they will write nice things about her, but nothing ever goes as planned with Clementine. But all Clementine’s campaigning takes a backseat when her kitten, Moisturizer, goes missing!

     This new addition will surely become a favorite in the Clementine series! If you are not familiar with Sara Pennypacker’s series, that’s ok, neither was I till recently! The first book in the series, Clementine, details one of the worst weeks Clementine has ever had! I was cracking up at her random thoughts, that make total sense to a 3rd grader, and her hilarious antics.

     Clementine is a mixture of Junie B. Jones and Ramona that will entertain anyone from eight to eighty! All the books are accompanied with black and white illustration by Marla Frazee that will have you and your child laughing out loud!

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