Anthony Horowitz talks about teen spies...


Author Anthony Horowitz loves nothing more than when a young fan asks him to sign a battered copy of a book in his Alex Rider series — young adult fiction featuring a skateboard-riding teen spy. The series' ninth and final novel, Scorpia Rising, will be published in April 2011.

The series is full of suspense and can even be a bit spooky for its young readers. Finding the balance between too scary and not scary enough is one of Horowitz's biggest challenges. He says the suspense comes from the reader knowing more than the character they're reading about. There is violence in his stories, but it is always followed by a happy resolution and the good guy winning. As the series continues, the books become more demanding — Horowitz says he hopes that his readers have grown with him.

Horowitz talks with NPR's Michele Norris about the appeal of gadgets, his sons' cameos in the Alex Rider series, and why it's important for a children's author to end with hope.

You can hear their conversation by visiting the webiste at NPR's website.

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