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Steampunk is a Victorian science fiction that has dark & ominous tones, often where technology is an enslaving force & the main characters are fighting against the oppressive establishment. Cyberpunk with steam technology. It includes fiction with science fiction, fantasy or horror themes.


Airman by Eoin Colfer

In the late 19th century, when Conor Broekhart discovers a conspiracy to overthrow the king, he is branded a traitor, imprisoned, & forced to mine for diamonds under brutal conditions while he plans a daring escape from Little Saltee prison by way of a flying machine that he must design, build, &, hardest of all, trust to carry him to safety.


Boneshaker by Kate Milford

When Jake Limberleg brings his traveling medicine show to a small Missouri town in 1913, 13-year-old Natalie senses that something is wrong &, after investigating, learns that her love of automata & other machines make her the only one who can set things right.


The Death Collector by Justin Richards

Three teens & a curator of unclassified artifacts at the British Museum match wits with a madman determined to use unorthodox methods to reanimate the dead, both humans & dinosaurs. Sequel: Parliament of Blood.








Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

Is the mystery of Fever, adopted daughter of Dr. Crumb, the key to the secret that lies at the heart of London?


Hunchback Assignments series by Arthur Slade

In Victorian London, 14-year-old Modo, a shape-changing hunchback, becomes a secret agent for the Permanent Association, which strives to protect the world from the evil machinations of the Clockwork Guild.

Book One: The Hunchback Assignments

Book Two: The Dark Deeps


Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

Tessa Gray descends into Victorian London's dark underworld to search for her missing brother, with the mysterious Shadowhunters as her only allies.

Book One: Clockwork Angel (due out August 31, 2010)


Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

In an alternate 1914 Europe, 15-year-old Austrian Prince Alek, on the run from the Clanker Powers who are attempting to take over the globe using mechanical machinery, forms an uneasy alliance with Deryn who, disguised as a boy to join the British Air Service, is learning to fly genetically-engineered beasts.

Sequel: Behemoth (due out October 2010).


Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box by G.P. Taylor

In 1886 England, when 15-year-old Mariah begins working at the Prince Regent Hotel & discovers many previous workers have disappeared, he tries to solve the mystery, only to find that nothing is as it appears.


New World Order by Ben Jeapes

Having ended England's Civil War between the Roundheads & the Royalists in 1645, the Overlord of the Holekhor, a race from another world, & his half-English son question the decision to colonize the island & convert their beloved English to a faith characterized by witches & myriad gods.


Worldshaker by Richard Harland

16-year-old Col Porpentine is being groomed as the next Commander of Worldshaker, a juggernaut where elite families live on the upper decks while the Filthies toil below, but when he meets Riff, a Filthy girl on the run, he discovers how ignorant he is of his home & its residents.