How to Earn a Cool Treat Next Week

We're going to be offering shaved ice on Friday June 18th and you can get a free cup! Here's how it works. Pick up a sticker at 3 of the following programs:

1. Monday Movie-Monday 3 pm

2. Maynard's Magic Show-Tuesday 10:30 am

3. Story Time-Wednesday 10:30 am

4. Rhythm & Rhyme- Thursday 10:30 am

On Friday from 10:30 am to 12 noon you can redeem your stickers for shaved ice! If you can't make it to 3 of our programs this week, you can still get a cool shaved ice in the following ways:

2 stickers and 25 cents = 1 flavor cup

1 sticker and 50 cents = 1 flavor cup

0 stickers and 75 cents = 1 flavor cup

We’ll also upgrade your treat to rainbow (3 flavors) for an additional 25 cents!