Homewood Library Foundation

Mission Statement

The Homewood Library Foundation serves to enrich the Homewood Public Library as a cultural center of the community by raising private funds to supplement public funding for facilities, services, projects, collections and technology.

Membership Levels

$50-249 Book Lovers
$250-499 Book Enthusiasts
$500-999 Atticus Circle
$1000-3999 Guttenberg Society
$4000-9999 Philanthropics
$10,000+ First Edition Society


Needs List

  1. OUTDOOR LIGHTING ($46,000 to $55,000) Lights – 10 @$3,600 = $36,000 (Light, pole, banner arms, installation) Electrical – $10,000 – $15,000

The Foundation can fund tall acorn pedestal lighting along the library’s front, curved sidewalk and at the stairs in the back. The tall lamp posts will be able to display hanging banners on the cross arms, advertising special library programs and events. The additional lighting would not only assist patrons as they come and go from the building, but would also be beneficial during nighttime, outdoor events. Eight Light poles will go out front and two will be installed on either side of the steps in the rear.


  1. MEETING ROOM RENOVATION ($15,000 – $25,000) Includes sheetrock, painting, flooring, window treatment, new lighting and new furniture (see attached diagram)

The Homewood Library Foundation can fund the renovation of a downstairs meeting room to create a book club room. The room renovation would include sheetrock, paint, floor, lighting, and comfortable furniture. The library book clubs could use this room as well as community groups that need a different type of space (for example, the knitting groups that currently meet at the library).



The expansion will occur on the Ridge Road side of the Adult Services Department will allow the Homewood Public Library to move the computer services department and the computer lab to the main level of the library. This construction project will create an addition to the Adult Services Department which will provide services for the public that are more centrally located and easier to access. Currently the Computer Services Department and the Computer Lab are located on the lower level of the library. By moving this department upstairs, services for Adults will be centralized. All catalog computers and reference computers can be located in or near the Computer Department which will allow for additional shelving in the Adult Department, which would ultimately allow for growth or more effective display of the Adult Collection.The space freed up on the lower level will allow the library to have additional storage or meeting space. As the addition is built, the library will be able to extend the current court yard. This wonderful outdoor space is enjoyed by patrons year round. Patrons enjoy reading a book or using the Wi-Fi in the courtyard. Recently, the courtyard has become home to some professional sculptures. It will be nice to enlarge the area to become a proper sculpture garden that could actually be used for small events both by the library and the public. This versatile outdoor space could be used for gardening classes and other such programming for both adults and children. The space would be contained and be accessed from both the Adult Department and the Internet Café.


  1. PROGRAMMING ($500 – $7,500)

The Foundation can fund various programming for any age group that could include performances, author events, and any number of cultural events for the public. Some of these events could be free, some could be designed to pay for themselves and some could be fund-raisers for the Homewood Library Foundation, once a specific project is selected by the Board.



The Homewood Library Foundation can purchase a Book Vending Machine (s) that could be placed in different strategic locations around Homewood to enable the library to better serve our community. This mini free-standing library could be placed at the Senior Center, any of the schools, or in any retail outlet such as a grocery store. This machine is a vending type machine that will operate with the library’s ILS (Integrated Library System). There is no charge, but users must have a valid library card in good standing to use the machine. Book Vending Machines will allow the library to have a remote location for materials and help the library to be more convenient for use by library users throughout Homewood. The mini free-standing library will have a book return placed next to it, so that residents can return materials as well as check out materials. The machine can vend several types of library materials including books, DVDs, audio books, and music CDs. The collection will be aimed at the needs of patrons that use the location. For instance, if a Book Vending Machine was placed in the Senior Center, the materials selections would be aimed at Senior citizens. If the machine were placed in the High School, the materials selections would be aimed at teens and if the machine were placed in a retail outlet, the materials content would be aimed at the general public. This machine will have Homewood Library prominently displayed on the front which will provide good advertising. Holders can be applied to the side of the machine to allow a space to provide flyers about library events and programming. Library staff will be responsible for filling the machine, emptying the book drop and providing current flyers. This mini free- standing library will be serviced twice weekly to start. More frequent servicing may be required, dependent on the usage.


  1. THEATRE EXPANSION (Pricing undetermined)

The Foundation Board has discussed the potential for an addition on the east side of the building which will allow for a 300 seat theatre for use by the library and the community. Currently, the Homewood Library has two auditoriums and four meeting rooms downstairs which are used over 100 times per month. The library has to limit the size of our programs because of seating capacity. The new theatre will allow the library to host theatre productions, debates, recitals and concerts. There is currently no such venue in the City of Homewood. Based on usage of the current facilities, it will be welcomed by the community. This project will be a major project and could cost several million dollars. Pricing has not been done.


  1. SIGNAGE (price undetermined)

The Foundation can fund new outdoor signage for the library. The current permanent, free-standing signage is difficult for passerby to see. The library would request a change in the sign ordinance, if necessary, from the City and the Foundation would fund the demolition of the old sign as well as the installation of a new, permanent, free-standing sign for the Homewood Public Library.


Foundation Board

Fran Jones Paul Scholl


(pic coming soon)

Lois Woodward

George Elliot
Julee Potter
Joe Giattina

Ann Chapman
Hunter Payne
Laura Blackstock


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Janet Givhan

Dr. Paul N. Doran, Jr.
Library Board Liaison